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Mr. Jun YAMAGISHI: Attorney-at-law and Director

Mr. Yamagishi has extensive experience within the Japanese legal arena, handling a wide variety of legal matters. He particularly has exceptional corporate law abilities, with over 9 years of diversified experience in providing expert counsel and directing company policy on a broad range of legal issues. He has thus far successfully handled over 70 cases covering all aspects of international and domestic company/labour disputes, intellectual rights disputes etc.

He has appeared on the Japan Tokyo Broadcasting System where he provided legal advise regarding the recent trend in the production and sale of fake brand goods, and the criminal penalties associated with such practices.

He has also provided legal consultations to the Imperial Household Agency on matters regarding whistle- blowing policies and procedures.


  • Negotiated, drafted and reviewed numerous corporate contracts, company work rules, employment contracts etc;
  • Supported Companies by reviewing and advising on non-compete agreements of prospective employees;
  • Advised Companies, and negotiated dispute settlements involving payment and services;
  • Counseled company executives and other internal stakeholders on appropriate risks.


2001: Waseda University LLB

2005: Legal Training and Research Institute


During his free time, Mr. Yamagishi enjoys a good game of golf. He also does skiing and scuba diving.


Japanese and English