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Mr. Yoshiaki MASUTANI: Attorney-at-law

Mr. Masutani brings to the legal realm an abundance of experience in international negotiations and settlements, having previously worked as the head of the South Asia/Middle East/Africa Marketing Department at the Suzuki Motor Corporation, where he led and handled numerous international trade negotiations, settlements and distribution agreements. This job role also saw him being involved in numerous trips abroad to attend distributors meetings, trade and marketing conferences etc.

Such experiences have equipped him to handle a broad range of legal matters, and since joining The ALG & Associates team, he has successfully handled numerous company/labour disputes and settlements, employment discrimination, sexual harassment litigations, company work rules disputes trade negotiations etc. He has also reviewed/drafted numerous English Agreements.


  • Reviewed numerous English and Japanese Contracts (Sales contracts, Lease contracts etc.);
  • Reviewed ⁄drafted companies’ Work Rules;
  • Successfully handled numerous lawsuits;
  • Negotiated⁄Drafted employment contracts for companies;
  • Negotiated with Labour Tribunals;
  • Advised companies, and negotiated dispute settlements.


2005: Waseda University, School of Education

2011: Waseda Law School

2013: Legal Training and Research Institute


Mr. Masutani is an active sportsman, and enjoys playing baseball and golf during his free time. He also likes to go on trips abroad, and to date has visited over 26 countries. To wind down, he likes listening jazz.


Japanese and English