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Mr.Isao Ienaga: Attorney-at-law and Director

Mr. Ienaga’ s legal background is centered exclusively on corporate matters. He is a calm and extremely approachable attorney, who is always meticulously well prepared to address each and every need of the Client. He is also known and respected amongst his peers for his thorough yet aggressive approach when representing the interests of Clients.

He has successfully led and handled a broad range of international and domestic corporate and real estate matters, including complex labour union contract negotiations, employment discrimination lawsuits, sexual harassment litigations, and wrongful termination/dismissal etc.

He is also a prolific author, and throughout his career has published numerous articles and books, and held seminars, on a wide range of corporate matters.


  • Provided interpretation and guidance regarding corporate and real estate regulations;
  • Negotiated, drafted and reviewed numerous business contracts, including company work rules, non-disclosure agreements, Franchise agreements, system development contract etc.;
  • Successfully handled numerous negotiations and litigations regarding the abuse of right to dismiss employees;
  • Counselled and handled numerous disputes pertaining to building lease, including surrender of claim, Restitution obligation, Repair obligation etc.;
  • Handled Labour Tribunals about Overtime payment;
  • Successfully handled complex M&As, due diligence procedures etc.


2006: Ritsumeikan law-school University

2007: Legal Training and Research Institute


Mr. Ienaga enjoys watching and attending track and field events, and was an active track and field sprinter as a student. He is now looking forward to the Tokyo Olympic Games.


Japanese and English


”Measures and the corresponding about Labour’s mental health problems”

”Points of correspondence toward modern type labour problem”

”Risk management and safety consideration obligations of workplace” ~Corresponding to worker who become mental helth disorders~

”Points to know in legal practice regarding modern type real estate troubles”

”Precautions to take as it relates to the matter of Lease” ~delinquency case, term lease leverage, and aging measures~

”Q&A to solve the problem in Rental Properties” ~Trouble solution based-on past cases~

”Considerations of building surrender in Rental property management”

”Basic knowledge and to advance preparation on inheritance surrounding rental properties” ~Property management, trust, use of will ~

”Information on inheritance tax reform”

”Care records and legal responsibility of relevance in case accident”

”Legal consultation and Case Studies surrounding the elderly” ~Legislation and resolutions~


”Legal issues surrounding the care facility”

[Senior hausing newspaper Serialization in 2014]


”How to provide work rules for preventing labour trouble”

[Published Date: September 13th, 2012 Publisher: Roudou Chousakai Co.,Ltd.]

”Basic Knowledge of Civil Procedure Law etc. for Settlement of Labour Dispute”

[Author: ALG & Associates Corporate Law Division Published Date: June 11th, 2014 Publisher: Roudou Chousakai Co.,Ltd.]